Volunteer – Presenters

Volunteer – Presenters

Brendan Hackett – Lucan Live

After retiring from Roadstone in 2009 (where he looked after the company’s pension scheme for 30 years), Brendan joined Liffey Sound as a volunteer, starting as a panellist on the station’s current affairs programme, “Lucan Today”. Since then, he has presented his own magazine show, “T With B”, a “Lucan Today Summer Special” series in which he interviewed all local political representatives, was involved in coverage of the various elections and referenda, as well as many outside broadcasts, including the Lucan St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival. A passionate believer in the power of community radio, Brendan served on the Board of Liffey Sound for three years, two and a half of which, as Chairman.

Since “Lucan Live” came on air in October 2017, Brendan has presented the Wednesday edition, which features slots for the Citizen Information Centre, local organisations and businesses, new Lucan Communities, and “The Grumpy Old Men”

Brendan has lived in Lucan for over 45 years, is married to Margaret and they have four grown children.


Gary Gibson – Ultrasounds

From the time I wake up in the morning to the moment I go to sleep I am either listening to music, thinking about music or talking about music.

For years I have compiling mix tapes and now mix CD’s for family, friends and work colleagues.

I love introducing people to different music and hearing back from them as to how they now listen to artists they would never have heard of or listened to before.

Now thanks to Liffey Sound I am living my dream of playing music on the radio to a bigger audience. I hope that everyone enjoys the show and hopefully they will discover some new music and get as much enjoyment out of listening as I do presenting.