Volunteer – Presenters

Volunteer – Presenters

Gary Gibson – Ultrasounds

From the time I wake up in the morning to the moment I go to sleep I am either listening to music, thinking about music or talking about music.

For years I have been compiling mix tapes and now mix CD’s for family, friends and work colleagues.

I love introducing people to different music and hearing back from them as to how they now listen to artists they would never have heard of or listened to before.

Now thanks to Liffey Sound I am living my dream of playing music on the radio to a bigger audience. I hope that everyone enjoys the show and hopefully they will discover some new music and get as much enjoyment out of listening as I do presenting.


Deven O’Kearney – Student Central

Deven O’Kearney began volunteering at Liffey Sound 96.4FM in September 2017.

He started as a producer and reporter for “Lucan Live”, before going on to host his own show, “Anything & Everything”, with Declan Gill which ran for four series until March 2020.

He then decided to produce the show “Student Central” which is about all things related to student life in Ireland

He has also provided coverage of the annual Lucan Festival and has appeared on Rian McGrath’s “Full Fat Tuneage”, providing serious opinions and in-depth analysis on the Eurovision Song Contest.


Manné Efinda – African Jamboree

Manné is the host of African Jamboree, a lively music program which airs every Saturday evening at 6pm on Liffey Sound.

Manné provides a combination of entertaining and informative topics to his listeners living in and around Lucan, as well as to his other avid followers wherever they are in the world.

Listeners can expect the very best of African music with snippets of the most interesting stories about African Achievers who continue to contribute greatly to the advancement of the world through science, technological innovation, modern medicine, engineering, mathematics, arts, sports, literature and more.


Vinny & Jimmy – Mixtape

We were both djs on the pub and club arena for 10 years and then went on to do private parties. Over the years we really enjoyed playing our styles of music (and trust us, we have very different tastes in music!) but it seemed to always work out. When the economic crash happened we just called it a day.

When we got the opportunity to be presenters on Liffey Sound FM we jumped at the chance. I suppose we missed entertaining people and of course love a new challenge!

So tune in to our show for all the best of the 70s, 80s, 90s and a little bit of noughties with a little bit of fun on the way! Follow us on facebook @mixtape with jimmy and vinny to get involved in our superstar mix of the week poll or leave us a message for your throwback sound requests.


Tommy Travers – Tommy’s Top Tunes

I’m delighted that liffey sound gave me the chance to host a show as I’ve always wanted to be on the radio. I started out as a contributor on a sports program before I got a chance to present my own music show.

I still enjoy doing the sport on the weekend but love the chance to come in every Monday evening to play my choice of music and the odd request which I hope the listeners enjoy. So tune in at 6pm on Monday for an hour of great music, lots of variety and even the odd chat.